Mineral del Chico

Mineral del Chico is a small mining town in the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City, founded over 440 years ago. Repairs to the local church are made using nopales (cactus) as a binding agent in the construction process.            Advertisements

Cupcake ATM

  Vending cupcakes at your convenience, just swipe your bank card. Sprinkles Cupcakes, 780 Lexington Ave, Upper East Side, New York, NY. 

A Walk on 36th Street

Thirty-sixth street in Manhattan is dim and hurried on a warm December evening. It isn’t neon-lit like Kerouac’s Greenwich Village or illuminated by billboards like Times Square a few steps uptown. Cutting across Midtown only two blocks north of the lights and consumer glitz of thirty-fourth street, it is tame in comparison to the shopping …

Weekend Getaway to Beacon, NY (Brooklyn North)

Beacon, New York has been described as the hippest town in the Hudson Valley. If hipness can be measured by the impressive modern art museum that drew us there, coupled with a craft beer and local restaurant scene to rival any around, I agree. It is hip, and more. Not only did the town have…